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Decogel - 8 Oz - Green
Pack: 1 tub        (CL69)
Item #: 797347        

Decogel - 8 Oz - Green  

US$ 16.99   





DECOgel™ is a revolutionary new decorating product.

This amazingly versatile product can be poured into almost any form.

Comparable to isomalt's shiny glass-like appearance, DECOgel is much safer as it requires very little heat to use.

With a texture similar to a gummy bear, DECOgel has a slight vanilla taste to match almost any flavor product you adhere it to.

Pour it on any edible picture or iDesigns™ print, then peel away after setting to create an amazing image or pattern on the gel.

DECOgel works beautifully with just about any mold, from high priced, high detailed molds, to inexpensive chocolate molds. Mix your favorite dye colors with the clear or white gel. Mix colored gels together to create new colors, or swirl them for amazing effects.

It can be frozen, refrigerated or left at room temperature.

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